Episodes combined the music of the 17th century with contemporary music and dance. The organizers selected music for the dance project that was not originally meant to be danced to, such as historical scores by Claudio Monteverdi and Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi and a new piece by the contemporary American composer Fred Frith. Based on this music, Amanda Miller and her dancers in the "ugly tanz köln" company developed a choreography that emphasized the dynamic relationship between rigid musical structure and free improvisation. Concerto Köln, one of the world's leading orchestras of historical music, accompanied the dancers' performance live.

Artistic director: Amanda Miller (USA)
Musical directors: Gerald Hambitzer, Fred Frith (GB), Concerto Köln
Video/set design: Seth Tillett (USA)

Venue and schedule:
Schauspielhaus Cologne; 15 December 2007 - 31 May 2008


pretty ugly tanz köln


50667 Köln