Fatzer Crosses the Alps. A Theatrical Experiment

A joint programme by the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz Berlin and the Teatro Stabile Torino (Italy) - supported by the Wanderlust Fund

Foto: Daniel Josefsohn

In 1929 Bertolt Brecht scribbled the note "fatzer unperformable". Almost five decades later in 1978, Heiner Müller rearranged Brecht’s 400-page collection of materials, scenes and documents for his production of "The Downfall of the Egoist Fatzer". In cooperation with the Teatro Stabile di Torino, the Volksbühne Berlin would like to stage Brecht’s "Fatzer" fragment in a new light and present it to Italian audiences for the first time. The partner theatres regard the work as an opportunity to explore new types of theatre texts and new forms of reception that combine theory and praxis, action and reflection. Artists and theatre scholars will address the issue in public discussions at the Teatro Stabile. The joint programme will culminate with theatre festivals in both cities featuring performances of the Fatzer fragment by the directors René Pollesch and Fabrizio Arcuri, as well as other performances, music and film events by German and Italian artists.

Theatres: Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz Berlin and Fondazione Teatro Stabile Torino (Italy)

Artists / participants: Fabrizio Arcuri (I), René Pollesch, Sergio Ariotti (I), Alexander Karschnia, Marlene Kuntz Musikband (I), Thomas Martin, Mario Martone (I), Milena Massalongo (I), Janek Müller, Bert Neumann, Portage (I), Showcase Beat Le Mot, Clemens-Carl Härle, Nevio Gàmbula (I), Armando Punzo (I), Philippe Vincent (I), Michael Wehren, Anke Marschall, Henrik Boerger

September 2010 – February 2012

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The German Federal Cultural Foundation established the Wanderlust Fund to support German municipal and state theatres that wish to engage in a partnership of exchange with a foreign theatre for a period of two to three seasons.

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