A joint project by K.A.U.&Wdowik and the Staatstheater Darmstadt – funded by the Doppelpass Fund

The opera as a genre represents European cultural heritage at its best, yet its narratives often culminate in catastrophe. How might the European utopia end if it were an opera? K.A.U. and the Polish director Malgorzata Wdowik set out on a journey from Darmstadt to Kaliningrad with a libretto in tow. On their way there, they look for allies on behalf of opera who are willing to put Europe’s downfall to music and stage scenes for the camera. The title and intended outcome of this endeavour: “FIASCO”.

As an artistic tour de force, such an opera can only succeed if the various participants strictly contribute to creating a common musical score. K.A.U.&Wdowik transfers this process to an entity which sees itself less and less as a joint project: Europe.

The polyphonic, cinematic material of the journey will serve as the visual and musical basis for the opera “FIASCO” which will debut on the Darmstadt stage in 2018.


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