A Doppelpass-funded project by the Neues Theater Halle (Saale) and Showcase Beat Le Mot

"Verboten!" Foto: Alexej Tschernij

The performance collective Showcase Beat Le Mot from Berlin and the Neues Theater Halle collaborated on a project titled “Forbidden” which investigated the prohibitions in theatre and how artists work around them. The cooperation was divided into three interconnected levels. The level of “indoctrination” was the theme of two weekends of expert discussions, performances and music, during which the group had the chance to get better acquainted with the theatre employees, and audience members with their theatre in Halle. This served as the basis for the next level – “Anti-Architecture” – in which a “stage of mysteries” was gradually formed, producing a continuously growing performance venue where theatre productions, concerts, congresses and club events took place. The final level “Spectacle” was comprised of a series of plays titled “Great Moments of World Domination” featuring historical and imaginary scenarios of domination by the likes of Caligula, King Arthur, Adolf Hitler and Dr. No.


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