Game on Stage

A Doppelpass-funded project by the FFT Düsseldorf und “machina eX”

Game on Stage © machina eX

The Berlin artists’ group “machina eX” and the FFT Düsseldorf teamed up for a project titled “Game on Stage” to create a development and production laboratory which investigates the overlap of computer games and theatre. Machina eX’s interactive theatre games and the FFT Düsseldorf’s highly interconnected working methods and years of experience as a (co-) production company served as the basis of this two-season participative theatre laboratory. In cooperation with external experts and the regional game scene, the project combined elements of traditional theatre and structures of computer games to creative innovative live-performance formats in five separate phases. The first phase of cooperation took place November 2011 featuring guest performances of the machina eX production “15,000 Gray” and a public kick-off conference on the subject of “Computer Games and Theatre”. The project concluded with a new production, based on the experience gathered by participants during the collaboration.


FFT Düsseldorf
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