General Assembly

Generalversammlung / Assemblée Générale

One hundred years since the October Revolution, the project “General Assembly” wanted to know: In this age of globalisation, who are today’s “citizens and peasants” of the French Revolution and “proletariat” of the Russian Revolution? The “General Assembly” invited delegates from around the world who represented those who are impacted by German politics, yet are unable to voice their political opinion. In the tradition of the “Assemblée Générale” of the French Revolution, the “General Assembly” lended a voice to the global “Third State”. The project by Milo Rau and the International Institute of Political Murder envisioned a world parliament representing a universally conceived democratic movement which could counteract the power of global investors, corporations and supranational organisations. In three plenary sessions, the 60 representatives asked where we, the world community, stand and what we aim to achieve – socially, environmentally, technologically and politically. What does political sovereignty mean in the age of globalism? To what extent do the interests of the global population correspond to the democratic principles of nation states? Whose demands for independence, dignity and happiness are suitable for representing those of humanity?
The “General Assembly” wished to air the concerns of refugees, work migrants, textile workers and miners, small farmers, children, and even non-human entities like animals, plants and objects. The gathering of the world parliament culminated in the adoption of a “21st-century charter”. The project has publish a volume of essays in preparation for the “General Assembly”. A website has accompanied the event, featuring a live-stream broadcast, analyses, and statements by the representatives in German and English. Following the event, the website serves as a future archive. During the weekend of the “General Assembly”, all of the statements have been broadcast at various theatres, universities and political institutions in Germany and around the world as a video installation.

Concept and director: Milo Rau (CH)
Research and dramaturgy: Eva-Maria Bertschy (CH)
Staging and technical design: Anton Lukas
Production directors: Mascha Euchner-Martinez, Eva-Karen Tittmann
Participants: Wolfgang Kaleck, Tariq Ali, Jean Ziegler, Ulrike Guérot, Can Dündar, Chantal Mouffe, Lúcio Bellentani, Christos Giovanopoulos, Robert Misik, Hamze Bytyci, Abou Bakar Sidibé, Feri Irawan, Nasir Mansoor, Saeeda Khatoon and many others


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