Ghost Stories at Yotsuya Tokaido

The theatre director Jossi Wieler has chosen to direct this famous 19th-century Japanese play which tells a traditional ghost story. The text raises the question how and to what extent one can combine Japanese ritualised aesthetics with Western directing methods. An exciting aspect of the project will be the cooperation with Japanese actors, for whom the play - in contrast to its director who works in Germany - represents a distinct point of reference in their cultural tradition.

Director: Jossi Wieler

Set and costume design: Kazuko Watanabe (J/D)

Artists: Theater X ensemble, Tokyo

Venues: Tokyo, Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Hanover, Amsterdam

Schedule: August 2005 - June 2006


Goethe-Institut Tokyo
Doitsu Bunka Kaikan

7-5-56 Asaka; Minato-ku

107-0052 Tokyo, Japan (external link, opens in a new window) (external link, opens in a new window)