An interdisciplinary and international project with performances from Egypt, Canada, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and other countries

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The word “heritage” evokes associations with various forms of material legacy and the interplay of continuity and change. In addressing their heritage, the living generation essentially decides on the terms of engagement with the deceased and what their relationship will be with the yet unborn. What remains? What is worth preserving? And who should have access to it? Even more complex than such personal-familial considerations is the intergenerational web of relationships in the global context. It is impossible to simply disavow this heritage; its effects and resulting obligations influence entire societies.

This interdisciplinary and international project centres on the multifaceted relationships between the Arabic-speaking and Western European countries, a focus of which lies not least of all in their shared post-colonial heritage. With this project, the Theater im Pavillon investigates to what extent political and historical events influenced cultural and theatrical heritage, and how the oil industry, political Islam and past wars have impacted our cultural interactions.

Relatively unbeknownst to Europeans, vibrant theatre scenes evolved in many Arabic-speaking countries in the aftermath of the “Arab Spring” revolts. The project “Heritage” has invited a total of eight international guest performances from Egypt, Lebanon and Morocco among other countries, to present the diversity of Arabic theatre – from text-based plays to site-specific activist productions. The performances will take place during the Arabic Theatertreffen in Hannover in April 2022. They will be accompanied by an international student forum and an academic discussion series which will allow the participating experts to continue sharing their differentiated insights as multipliers in their home countries. The entire project will be documented and subsequently made available to users online.

Artistic directors: Sabine Trötschel, Fettah Diouri
Assistant: Kaouthar Slimani
Project manager: Elke Cybulski
Production manager: Rona Ludin
Participants: Lina Abiyad, Ahmed El Attar, Ahmed Ezzat Elalfy, Abdellah Elmotia, Nora Haakh, Hajar El Hamidi, Hamadi Louhaibi, Pam Patel and others

Theme-based festival: Kulturzentrum Pavillon, Hannover: 19–24 Apr. 2022


Bürgerinitiative Raschplatz e. V.

Lister Meile 4
30161 Hannover

www.pavillon-hannover.de (external link, opens in a new window)