Homeland Biladi

A joint programme by the Schauspiel Leipzig / Spinnwerk and Freedom Theatre in Jenin (Palestinian territory) - supported by the Wanderlust Fund

Grenzerfahrungen, Camp 1, Foto: R. Arnold / Centraltheater Leipzig

It's difficult to express in words what "homeland" means to young people who live in the Jenin refugee camp in the Palestinian territory of West Jordan. Young artists from Spinnwerk - a theatre workshop for children and young adults supported by the Schauspiel Leipzig - and the Freedom Theatre in Jenin will collaborate in creating a fictional place with theatrical means, where young people can project their own ideas and hopes. The performers Jörg Lukas Matthaei and Nabil al Raee will work with 20 young people from Jenin and Leipzig over a period of two theatre seasons. Together they will develop texts and scenes taken from their own lives and perform them as two theatrical interventions in public space in both cities. The joint venture will be accompanied by a supplementary programme directed by the in-house philosopher at the Schauspiel Leipzig, Guillaume Paoli, which will highlight and examine the current political developments and political implications of the partnership.

Theatres: Schauspiel Leipzig / Spinnwerk and The Freedom Theatre, Jenin refugee camp

Artists / participants: ten young people from Leipzig and ten young people from the Jenin refugee camp (PS) ages 15 to 18, Juliano Mer Khamis (PS), Nabil Al Raee (PS), Jörg Lukas Matthaei, Prof. Dr. Anja Klöck, Katrin Richter, Guillaume Paoli

September 2009 - July 2011

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In February 2010 the participating theatres began sharing their impressions of their joint meetings, workshops, guest performances and co-productions in the Wanderlust blog. In addition each season, three Pfadfinder (scouts) headed out to visite the Wanderlust projects, describe the international theatre partnerships and documente these exciting cross-border encounters in texts and images.

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The Wanderlust Fund

The German Federal Cultural Foundation established the Wanderlust Fund to support German municipal and state theatres that wish to engage in a partnership of exchange with a foreign theatre for a period of two to three seasons.

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