Hotel Subbotnik. Academy for Applied Life

A theatre project by TheaterFABRIK der Theater & Philharmonie Thüringen, Gera – Funded in the „Future of Labour“ fund

Although today's schools prepare us for life, they do not prepare us for all of life's pitfalls. For instance, what do we do with the sudden excess of free time when we lose our job, or how do we deal with too much work? The TheaterFABRIK Gera's ,Hotel Subbotnik - Academy for Applied Life' claims to have the answers. In October 2008, the project ,Hotel Subbotnik' hosted a two-week continuing education programme on alternative strategies for dealing with work and leisure at a vacated government building in Gera. In courses, seminars and open visiting hours, the public was able to experiment with unusual working and living concepts, providing them with a new view of their own working and recreational behaviour. For example, visitors of the ,Museum of Extinct Work' could learn more about services which existed in ancient times and theoretically could become significant again today. In a 1 1/2-year long preliminary phase, the curriculum for the training modules, workshops, performances, theatre productions and discussions was developed and designed by artists in cooperation with numerous organizations, associations, institutions and committed citizens of Gera. All course offerings and activities has been compiled into a ,Textbook for Applied Life'.

Artistic directors: Sinje Homann, Susanne Harkort

Participating artists: San Keller, John Martin, Ives Thuwis, Dieter Heilmeyer, Thomas Freyer, Mela Maierhaus, Aurel Ferrier & Elsbeth Wegmann, Michi Hollstein and others


Venues and schedule:
Gera: 27 Sep. - 12 Oct. 2008

Selected Landmark in 2008

The TheaterFABRIK, operated by the Theater & Philharmonie Thüringen, and its project “Hotel Subbotnik. Academy for Applied Life” was selected in the national competition “365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas” as a place where future-oriented ideas are developed, fostered and actively put into practice. At the end of the two-and-a-half week festival, the TheaterFABRIK has been celebrated as the “landmark” of the day in the Land of Ideas on October 12, 2008.


Sinje Homann

von Theater & Philharmonie Thüringen

Theaterplatz 1

07548 Gera