Theatre between imagination and presentation

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Project description

The dividing line between performative and visual arts is becoming fuzzier by the day. Theatre and art formats which apply interdisciplinary approaches are creating new participative and immersive audience experiences. So far traditional institutions – especially (city) theatres – have found it difficult to provide a venue for these new artistic positions. The implementation of such formats is hindered not least of all by the structural and spatial limitations of these established theatres. The three-day festival “Inbetween” highlights this shortcoming and introduces the public to theatre formats which are seldom presented in established brick-and-mortar theatres. The project presents a selection of international works which experiment with new temporal and spatial models, tear down the “fourth wall” between the stage and the audience, and test alternative forms of audience participation. The festival programme includes a live-art performance by Jonathan Meese, a mixed media installation entitled “Eurydike” by Evelyn Hriberšek and a walk-through installation by Franz Reimer called “The Situation Room”.

Based on the presented pieces, the second half of the festival will reflect on the institution of (city) theatre as part of a public discourse. Presentations, lectures and open discussion forums will provide artists, curators and researchers a chance to engage in dialogue about their experiences, methodical approaches, best-practice examples and perspectives gained in Germany and abroad. Together with all the participants, the project hopes to cast a new vision of theatre which is capable of addressing the rising challenges facing it today and sustainably implementing new models and artistic formats. The Theater Dortmund will open its doors at all levels for the duration of the festival. For the very first time, all the rooms in the theatre – from the foyer to the rehearsal rooms – will be integrated into the project. These rooms will serve as exhibition space and venues for the installation- and performance-based works and will be accessible to visitors even after regular opening hours.

While the transdisciplinary relationship between the performing and visual arts is strengthened in Dortmund from the perspective of theatre, the Kunsthaus Graz will present an artistic and discursive programme highlighting the increasing importance of performativity and scenic forms of presentation in the context of the visual arts. As part of their collaboration, both institutions in Dortmund and Graz will present selected works from their respective programmes. In cooperation with the University of the Arts in Graz, acting students will develop various scenes based on historical performances in the lead-up to the festival.

Artistic director: Dirk Baumann

Participants: Inke Arns, Sebastian Blasius, Dorothea von Hantelmann, Julian Hetzel, Evelyn Hriberšek, Katleen van Langendonck, Jonathan Meese, Markus Öhrn, Britta Peters, Franz Reimer


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Previous events

  • 3 April, 2020 to 5 April, 2020: Festival

    Schauspiel Dortmund, Dortmund


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