"A performance is created by the dancers' decisions to keep or discard what they find." This is how Philipp Gehmacher, one of Europe's most exciting young choreographers, describes his method. His multipart choreographic project, which will be performed at four venues, addresses the possibilities and limits of portraying "pathos" solely through movement and dance. "Incubator" will consist of specific versions of the piece for the individual venues, each of which will be developed together with the dancers on location several weeks beforehand.

Philipp Gehmacher (A), Peter Stamer (D), Clara Cornil (F), Helga Guszner (A) and others

Philipp Gehmacher

Vienna, October 2004
Berlin, January 2005
Brussels, March 2005
Lyon, June 2005


Hebbel am Ufer

Stresemannstraße 29

10963 Berlin