Les funerailles du desert

A joint programme by the Mainfranken Theater Würzburg and C.I.T.O. Carrefour International Théâtre Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) - supported by the Wanderlust Fund

The Burkinian actor Issaka Zoungrana has been a member of the ensemble at the Mainfranken Theater in Würzburg since the 2008/09 season. This contact to Burkina Faso spawned the idea of establishing a partnership between the Würzburg/Mainfranken regional theatre and the C.I.T.O Theatre in Ouagadougou, a place of encounter and cultural exchange for Burkinian artists with international orientation. A German and a Burkinian playwright will visit each other’s city, carry out research and write first drafts of scenes on climate change, desertification, mourning rituals and family. Bernhard Stengele, theatre director at the Mainfranken Theater, will head two workshops in Ouagadougou during which these scenes will be further developed. Following a rehearsal phase under Stengele’s direction with Burkinian and German actors, the bilingual play (in German and the Burkinian national language Mooré) will premiere in Würzburg, followed by a series of performances in Burkino Faso.

Theatres: Mainfranken Theater Würzburg and C.I.T.O. Carrefour International Théâtre Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)

Artists / participants: Adama Kaboré (BF), Petra Paschinger, Birgit Remuss, Bernhard Stengele, Martin Zongo (BF) and others

February 2010 – January 2012

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In February 2010 the participating theatres began sharing their impressions of their joint meetings, workshops, guest performances and co-productions in the Wanderlust blog. In addition each season, three Pfadfinder (scouts) headed out to visite the Wanderlust projects, describe the international theatre partnerships and documente these exciting cross-border encounters in texts and images.

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The Wanderlust Fund

The German Federal Cultural Foundation established the Wanderlust Fund to support German municipal and state theatres that wish to engage in a partnership of exchange with a foreign theatre for a period of two to three seasons.

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