Jutta Hell and Dieter Baumann, dancer and choreographer of the Berlin dance company RUBATO, are interested in how the human body is affected by the compulsion to function in a society based on permanent productivity. Researching for their dance project, the artists found ideal conditions in the Chinese cities of Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou - emblematic centres of "turbo capitalism". They met with textile workers in clothing manufacturing companies, migrant workers at construction sites, consumers at shopping centres, and travellers at train stations in order to get an idea of how work, overexertion and exhaustion affects the body both physically and psychologically.
The documentary material - observations, conversations, interviews, photos, audio and video recordings - were used as the dramaturgical and choreographic basis for human functioning. The result was a disturbing, but touching piece that points beyond the specific circumstances in China.
The performances in Beijing, Berlin and Swansea (Great Britain) were supplemented by exhibitions that provided insight into the extensive research work and rehearsals with the Chinese dancers.

Director, choreographer: Jutta Hell and Dieter Baumann
Dramaturge: Björn Dirk Schlüter
Composition: Yang Ze Hua (CHN)
Dance, choreography: Tao Ye, Cheng Kai, Ling Xi Li, Wang Hao, Er Gao, Duan Ni (all CHN)

Venues and schedule:
Shanghai, 26–28 May 2010
GALERIES LAFAYETTE, Berlin 14 August 2010 - 12 p.m. - Live-Act; 15–20 August 2010 - Installation
Radialsystem V, Berlin, 21 - 23 August 2010 European Premiere
Taliesin Arts Centre Swansea, Wales (GB), 21 October 2010


Tanzcompagnie RUBATO

Karl-Kunger-Straße 13

12435 Berlin