Movement in the City

International conference with theme-based festival in Leipzig

With all their diverse structures and environments, directed flow of traffic and informal short-cuts, urban spaces strongly influence the way we behave and move in public space. This project by the Leipzig Dance Archive examined how our daily patterns of movement are shaped by this urban environment.
The city of Leipzig was both the location of the festival and the subject and medium of an international conference. City tours, audio tours and processions took visitors to selected locations, where they experienced the city in an unusual way through choreographed movement. The conference with its interdisciplinary lectures, discussions and workshops further explored the current discourse on the relationship between dance, movement and the public sphere.
The cross-disciplinary, theme-based festival demonstrated the possibilities which dance and choreography can create in public life. The festival looked beyond traditional stage and artistic dance forms to other kinds of movement that allow our bodies to encounter public space in a different way.

Project director: Patrick Primavesi
Artistic director: Diana Wesser
Artists: Fabian Barba (EC), Gustavo Ciriaco (BR), Molly Haslund (DK), Hello Earth (DK), Thomas Lehmen, LIGNA, Lone Twin (GB), Martin Nachbar, Irina Pauls, Stefan Kaegi, Chris Standfest (A) and others
Experts / scholars: Ellen Bareis, Peter Eckersall (A), Miriam Frandsen (DK), Gabriele Klein, Hans-Thies Lehmann, Martina Löw, Mike Pearson (GB), Klaus Ronneberger, Christel Stalpaert (B), Bertram Weishaar and other


Tanzarchiv Leipzig

Ritterstraße 9-13

04109 Leipzig (external link, opens in a new window)