Outside the Box!

Research and performance project featuring six art institutions from four nations

Outside the Box, Warschau, Tektonisches Stadtmodell "Friedrich" © Georg Winter

Six art institutions from four countries have jointly developed a cross-border exchange project titled “Outside the Box!” The participating institutions wished to find ways to aesthetically reposition their work in the area of live art and performance art. Each institution was invited to send a team of artists and cultural producers to another partner institution for twelve days where they analysed the specific production conditions on location and developed new formats, concepts and productions with an objective eye. Following this research phase, the teams presented their findings in a joint forum, which served as an information and discourse platform for international experts, and as a public festival and play market for guest performances. The results of the project have been meticulously documented, evaluated and made available to cultural producers and audiences alike. The goal of “Outside the Box!” was to engage the project partners in an intercultural and interdisciplinary dialogue, help them network and share information about methods, content, production aesthetics, audience trends and contact without prior expectations.

Artistic directors: Gabriele Oßwald, Wolfgang Sautermeister, Tilo Schwarz, Kathrin Tiedemann, Bojana Mladenovic (NL), Paul Smelt (NL), Priit Raud (EE), Magda Grudzinska (PL)


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