Peace – A Festival

Open-air theatre in the courtyard of the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin

The theatre RambaZamba, one of the most successful ensembles of handicapped and non-handicapped artists, commemorated its 20th anniversary in 2010. To mark the occasion, it has jointly developed a production with the Teatr Osmego Dnia, one of the most renowned street theatre groups in Poland, and the Wings ensemble from Israel, a theatre group of mentally handicapped performers. Together they performed their own open-air version of Aristophanes’ comedy Peace in the courtyard of the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin. The production was performed on several stages and in specially designed structures, through which the performers could move to and from the various stages. The production involved approximately 100 actors, musicians and dancers – with and without handicaps – and a number of fine artists, as well. With ensembles from Germany, Poland and Israel, Peace – A Festival brought the descendants of perpetrators and victims together, all of whom have differing views of what peace between nations may bring.

Artistic director: Gisela Höhne
Participants / artists: Theater RambaZamba in collaboration with Ensemble Gisela Höhne (director: Gisela Höhne), Kalibani (director: Klaus Erforth), Circus Sonnenstich (director: Michael Pigl), Teatr Osmego Dnia (P) (director: Tadeusz Janiszewski), theatre troupe Kenfayim (IL) (director: Dalit Sharon), Wiesenzirkus Bunterhund, percussion group Bando, and youngsters from schools in Berlin


Sonnenuhr e.V. / Theater RambaZamba

Schönhauser Allee 36-39

10435 Berlin (external link, opens in a new window)