Peoples, hear the signal

Independent theatre festival

Artistic directors: Markus Heinzelmann, Marcel Klett
Participants: selection committee: Nicola Bramkamp, Amelie Deuflhard, Anja Dirks (CH)
Venue: Theaterhaus Jena
Schedule: 15 - 25 Nov. 2006

For the second time, the Theaterhaus Jena will host the Peoples, hear the signal festival to gain a representative picture of the current activities in the independent theatre scene. Eight European productions will address the topic of "Utopia", which also happens to be the central theme of the 2006/2007 season, titled Der Mensch ist mehr! (The Human is More!) The performances will be accompanied by a cross-disciplinary supporting programme based on the theme "Utopian Construction Site" in which fine artists, theatre artists, musicians and scholars will discuss the future of utopias as theatrical material.


Theaterhaus Jena

Schillerg├Ąsschen 1

07745 Jena