A Doppelpass-funded project by the Sophiensaele Berlin and “Interrobang”

Preenactment © Michael Bennett

The Sophiensaele collaborated with the independent group “Interrobang” to explore and develop a new artistic format called the “pre-enactment”. In contrast to performing past events (re-enactment), a pre-enactment examines a typical phenomenon of the present and, by means of performance and theatrical methods, continues it into the future. The first pre-enactment production “Sprachlabor Babylon” (Babylon Language Laboratory) depicted a future scenario of language privatization. The piece “Pre-enacting Europe” took an unconventional approach in that the audience was allowed to choose various futures for Europe and play them out together with the performers. The pre-enactment format was applied to cultural-political issues, as well. For example, several artists’ groups had put together a modular, variable programme titled “Pre-enacting ThAEter“ which presented future models for the independent theatre and performance scene at various locations.


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