Rummelplatz by Werner Bräunig

Guest performance at the Thalia Theater Halle by the Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin

The publication of Rummelplatz ["Fairground"] by Werner Bräunig was arguably the literary sensation of 2007, a novel that saw the light of day more than forty years after it was written. The story is set at the Wismut Corporation, a gigantic uranium mining operation in the Ore Mountains which had been under Soviet control until 1953. The region was patrolled by the military, the structures within seemed almost autonomous, the operating systems were based on military principles and were subject to their own special laws. High wages, comparatively good food and the feeling of adventure among the men in their mass living quarters attracted thousands of workers to Wismut in the early years of the GDR.
Rummelplatz was not allowed to be published in the GDR. Werner Bräunig never recovered from this setback, and in 1976, died at age 42 in Halle-Neustadt. Armin Petras adapted the almost 700-page novel as a play, which he also directed. The premiere took place at the Gorki Theater in Berlin in January 2009.
Director: Armin Petras, Set and costume design: Susanne Schuboth, Music: Sebastian Vogel, Thomas Kürstner, Video: Niklas Ritter, Dramaturgy: Carmen Wolfram
The guest performance of Rummelplatz has been made possible in cooperation with the Federal Cultural Foundation, the project group Steps to Freedom-Autumn 89 in Halle, and the Thalia Theater in Halle.

31 Oct. 2009 - 1 Nov. 2009 Thalia Theater Halle, Halle (Saale) guest performance
31 October, 8 pm, Großer Saal; premiere party begins at 12 am in the basement of Klub Drushba
1 November 7 pm, Großer Saal

Steps to Freedom – Autumn 89 in Halle

In the spirit of the Peace Revolution in the GDR, this community-based, non-profit group is dedicated to remembering and encouraging discussion about the past. Numerous leading figures and institutions of the city have joined the project to support an interdisciplinary event series which the group initiated and organized itself. Not only does the series aim to remember the events of autumn 1989 in Halle and preserve them for future generations, but also reflect on the individual and social consequences that resulted from this socio-political upheaval. The project group is currently planning an event programme with a number of partners which will take place at the Volkspark in Halle/Saale from 26 October to 8 November 2009.


Thalia Theater Halle

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