Musical and dance theatre production based on Chekhov’s play

"Schwestern", Foto © Marc-Steffen Unger

Using Chekhov’s play “The Three Sisters” as a foil, this project incorporated the personal details of Nele Winkler, Juliana Götze and Rita Seredsuß, three actresses with Down’s syndrome, who played the roles of the three sisters in this production by Frank Krug. In the production, they conveyed their desires and ambitions, their relationship to others and to their own bodies. Together with the Italian choreographer and dancer Davide Camplani, Krug prepared for the project by visiting and interviewing the three actresses at home over the course of a year. “Sisters” was a project which aimed to shed light on the specific situation of people with Down’s syndrome using a literary foil and inquired about the value of life, the right to a future and self-determination. In view of the current debate surrounding the controversial use of prenatal diagnostics to identify disabilities, the play was targeted at people with and without physical handicaps. It aimed to reduce their mutual fear of contact and increase the awareness of this problematic issue. Who is allowed to decide whether someone should have a chance to lead a life with a disability? Following the performances in Berlin, the project went on tour through Luxembourg and Liechtenstein.

Director: Frank Krug
Choreography: Davide Camplani (IT), Composer: Ketan Bhatti (IN), Set designer: Irina Schicketanz, Actors: Juliana Götze, Rita Seredßus , Nele Winkler, Angela Winkler, Tammo Winkler, Musicians: Ketan Bhatti, Milian Vogel, Hannah Klein, Andreas Voss, Matthias Engler

Additional Venues:
Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg: 11 – 12 Feb. 2015;
TAK Liechtenstein: 2015/2016


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