A Doppelpass-funded project by the Staatstheater Mainz and the Oriental jazz formation LebiDerya

Tamáss (Arabic, Farsi) means both “touch” and “contact”, as well as “border” and “confrontation”. It also describes the basic idea of the collaboration between the Mannheim-based Oriental jazz formation LebiDerya and the music theatre department at the Staatstheater Mainz. Together they wish to explore the different relationships between composition and improvisation and their use in music theatre performances with respect to various musical styles. The project is not so much interested in combining musical styles – which we see so often in “world music” – as it is in exploring their coexistence. How and to what extent can various performance approaches and aesthetics evolve parallel to and in conjunction with one another?

This question will be focus of investigation in two music theatre productions, workshops, concerts, a participatory project with citizens from Mainz and the concluding music festival "Orientation" in June 2017.


No upcoming events at present

Previous events

  • 3 June, 2017 to 21 June, 2017: Musikfestival "Orientation"

    Staatstheater, Mainz

  • 11 December, 2016 : Premiere "Zwischentöne"

    Staatstheater, Mainz

  • 6 December, 2015 to 16 June, 2017: "Zweieinander"

    Staatstheater, Mainz


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