New „cultural beacon“ funding for the dance field

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The “Dance Congress” was an international dance convention, public festival and interdisciplinary research lab, which the German Federal Cultural Foundation hosted in six cities between 2006 and 2022. Following the appointment of its new artistic director in 2023, the Foundation held meetings with representatives of the dance scene to develop a concept for the future. These talks laid the groundwork for the Tanztriennale. The plan is to jointly organise the event with a strong municipal partner, and in so doing, highlight current trends in contemporary dance, attract new audience groups and promote exchange between dance professionals in the field. An independent artistic director will be selected through an international call for applications. Particular attention will be placed on bringing together various dance scenes – from urban dance to contemporary aesthetics to classical ballet – genres which have become more differentiated in recent years.

The “Cultural Beacon” funding programme of the Federal Cultural Foundation will enable the festival organisers to establish longer-term partnerships with professionals and amateurs, as well as between various dance genres. For example, funding would enable urban dance artists or Nouveau Cirque performers to collaborate with classical choreographers. The first edition of the Tanztriennale is scheduled to debut in 2026; the performance venue will be chosen following a nationwide call for applications. Preparations are to begin in 2024, and the first digital info events for interested parties took place in January.

Ein Zeitstrahl von den Ausschreibungen im Jahr 2024 bis zur Realisierung der ersten Tanztriennale im Jahr 2026

Project timeline

Graphic of the project timeline from 2024 until the first edition of the Tanztriennale in 2026 (date: 01/15/2024).



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