International theatre festival at the Schauspiel Stuttgart

Schauspiel Stuttgart, "5 morgen", Foto: Bettina Stöß

In the 2013/2014 season, the Schauspiel Stuttgart began cooperating with the Oslo National Theatre, the Israeli National Theatre in Tel Aviv and the Comédie de Reims through the international theatre network Union des Théâtres de L’Europe (U.T.E.). The collaboration has already resulted in the development and several world premieres of productions based on the subject of terrorism. The production “A More Peaceful World” by the Oslo National Theatre, for example, offers a panorama of terroristic phenomena based on Steven Pinker’s opus magnum A History of Violence. The piece “Dragonslayers” from Belgrade makes subtle and ironic reference to events of the past century in Serbian history. In the play “God Waits at the Station”, produced in Tel Aviv, the actors attempt to reconstruct the life of a female suicide bomber. In June 2015, the Schauspiel Stuttgart held a festival on the topic of terrorism which featured five separate productions in a joint presentation like no other before in Europe. The programme was supplemented by discussions with authors, artists and other artistic contributions. As a lead-up to the festival, a series of theme-based events was organised in cooperation with partners in Stuttgart, such as the Haus der Geschichte and the Haus des Dokumentarfilms. Terrorism is a subject which evokes disquieting memories in Stuttgart; many RAF (Red Army Faction) members originated from Baden-Württemberg and the Stammheim trials polarised German society 40 years ago.

Artistic director: Armin Petras
Directors: Iva Milosevic (RS), Shay Pitowski (IL), Jonas Corell Petersen (NO), Ludovic Lagarde (FR), Armin Petras, Jan Gehler, Wojtek Klemm and others
Writers: Milena Markovic (SRB), Aiat Fayez (FR), Maya Arad (IL), Fritz Kater, Dirk Laucke, Hanoch Levi and others


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