The Drop Out: Tell them I said No

CO2-neutral symposium and performance programme

Project description

Aside from the global and societal challenges caused by climate change, people are also facing heightened competition and growing pressure to achieve. Pandemics, rising economic disparity, exploitative working conditions, chronic stress and burn-out in a hyper-capitalistic, fast-paced world are just some of the symptomatic crises of our times. With an ongoing series highlighting considerations and artistic positions on planetary and human burn-out, the E-WERK in Luckenwalde wants to create a space where we can reflect on our personal consumption of resources and the challenges facing us today. Over the course of two years, scientific and artistic perspectives will be used to develop innovative solutions to current environmental and economic challenges and more clearly define the image of a “sustainable institution”.

Following a kick-off symposium in July 2023, a two-day art and discussion programme entitled “DROP OUT: Tell them, I said so” will focus on the aspect of “artist care”. The project will highlight the themes of vulnerability and welfare, and underscore the need for better working conditions in art and culture and fair practices of collaboration. At four locations in Luckenwalde, the public will have the chance to attend discussions and talks, view performances, and experience sound art and live happenings by international artists in very unique venues: the EW Turbine Hall, the FLUXDOME, the art and creative centre “Stadtbad Live” (a converted Bauhaus-era bathing hall) and an abandoned warehouse, situated adjacent to the E-WERK. The event in early May 2024 will mark the beginning of a successive expansion of the E-WERK with a new campus, powered 100% by CO2-neutral art electricity produced on site. Following the two-day performance programme, the EW campus will continue to be used and further developed as a climate-neutral event venue for experimental live art. The programme will be documented on film and presented later on the E-WERK website.

Artistic director: Helen Turner
Curators: Katharina Worf, Adriana Tranca
Partners: LUMA Arles, Rupert Vilnius
Participating artists: Eglé Budvytygè, JJJJerome Ellis, Asad Raza, Prem Krishnamurthy, Nastio Mosquito, Florence Peake & Eve Stainton, SERAFINE1369, Melanie Jame Wolf, Lauryn Youden, Abbas Zahedi

Symposium and performance programme: E-WERK Luckenwalde EW Turbinenhalle, EW FLUXDOME, Stadtbad Live – Bauhaus Stadtbad Luckenwalde, Lagerhalle, Luckenwalde: 4 – 5 May 2024



E-WERK Luckenwalde

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