The last feather of Simurgh

German-Iranian theatre production on Shâhnâmeh

Shâhnâmeh is an "Epic of Kings", written a thousand years ago by the Persian poet Ferdousi. It is one of the great works of world literature, comparable to a Homeric epic in scope and significance. As a written history and epic poem, it is an essential element of Iran's cultural identity. In light of the renewed interest in Iranian culture both in Germany and Iran, this project created an adaptation of Shâhnâmeh for the stage. The piece itself was based on three paradigmatic episodes written by which Iranian and German playwrights. The directors and entire ensemble were comprised of artists from both countries. The premiere of the play took place at the Fadjr Festival in Teheran.

Artistic director and stage director: Stephan Weiland
Participants / artists: Negar Abedi (IR), Hedajat Hashemi / Ashkan Khatibi (IR), Sebastian Menges, Daniela Mohr, Fatemeh Motamedarya (IR), Renate Obermaier, Parviz Pourhosseini (IR), Heinzl Spagl
Ensemble: Theater im Marienbad, Iranian actors

Venues and schedule:
Theatre-e-Shahr, Teheran (IR), 16. - 21.1.2010
Theater im Marienbad, Freiburg, 20./21./23.-28.02/02.-03.03.2010


Theater im Marienbad

Marienstraße 4

79098 Freiburg (external link, opens in a new window)