Together Apart

Choreographic approaches to European cohesion

Foto-Gestaltung: Paula Franke, Foto: iStock / George Clerk

Marking the tenth anniversary of the choreographic centre K3 | Dance Plan Hamburg, this project organised an international residency programme. Three experienced artistic-choreographic teams have been given the opportunity to develop productions which later were presented during the “Together Apart” festival in Hamburg. The three invited projects investigated real and ideal cohesion in Europe from various artistic perspectives. The EU-funded technology project TALOS was the focus of Israeli choreographer Arkade Zaires’ research work. The mobile robotic system has been developed to guard Europe’s outer boundaries and is supposed to recognise and prevent people from illegally crossing the borders. Zaires’ production was a re-enactment of the TALOS project which took issue with its ethical mechanisms, as well as political and economic interests. The production by the Italian choreographers Chiara Bersani and Marco D’Agostin used the format of the Olympic Games to choreographically deconstruct the principle of peaceful athletic competition. And the collective Marble Crowd working with the Icelandic choreographer Saga Sigurdardottir and the composer Hallavarour Asgeirsson presented three dance essays which probed the potential of trust, faith and collaborative action.
In cooperation with the research training group Performing Citizenship, the project developed an accompanying programme featuring numerous artistic and participative formats which invited audiences to become better acquainted with the respective themes. An international conference hosted a discussion on the possibilities of collaborative work in dance and choreography.

Artistic director: Kerstin Evert
Artistic project director: Solveigh Patett
Participants: Marco D’Agostin & Chiara Bersani (IT), Marble Crowd (IS), Igor Dobricic (RS), Rudi Laermans (BE), Arkadi Zaides (IL/BY)


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