Transit Europa

An international cultural project

Several theatres and the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts teamed up to bring the Afghan theatre group Azdar/Parwaz to Germany for several months and help them forge contacts with European artists. Azdar applies theatrical methods to convey and preserve Afghanistan’s culture. The members of Azdar, who also perform in what they call the “Parwaz Puppet Theatre”, have been threatened by the Taliban numerous times in the past.

“Transit Europa” consisted of several subprojects which created a bridge between Azdar and various artists and institutions. The project introduced a method of cultural exchange based on the “Kula” principle, a system of trade used in New Guinea in which the islanders exchange items with little monetary, but great symbolic value. Each group arrived with a story which was inherent to its culture and exchanged it for other stories based on the “Kula principle”.

In 2017 the Kunstfest Weimar presented the world premiere of “Malalai – The Afghan Jeanne D’Arc”. The production, developed by Azdar in collaboration with French, Afghan, German and Israeli actors, highlighted the mythical and political facets of the famous female holy warrior and icon of freedom.

Artistic director: Robert Schuster
Stage directors: Max Martens, Ahmad Nasir Formuli (AF), Arash Absalan
Choreography: Martin Gruber
Set design: Eva-Maria Van Acker (BE)
Dramaturgy: Julie Paucker (CH)

Featuring ensembles from: Azdar Theatre/Parwaz Puppet Theatre (AF), AZA (F), Theater Freiburg and Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar

Additional Venues and Dates:

Performances: Schauspielhaus Bochum: 7 – 9 Oct. 2016; La Filature Scène Nationale, Mulhouse: 12 – 13 Oct. 2016; Kurtheater Baden: 27 Oct. 2016; Theater Chur: 29 Oct. 2016; Theater Freiburg: 10 – 13 Dec. 2016


No upcoming events at present

Previous events

  • 25 August, 2017 to 3 September, 2017: Malalai – The Afghan Jeanne D’Arc

    Kunstfest Weimar, E-Werk , Weimar


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