A theatre performance based on texts by Hans Joachim Schädlich

Hans Joachim Schädlich's novels Anders and Trivialroman formed the basis of a theatre performance by titled "Trivial". While both novels deal with the events of 1989, Anders presents three cases in recent German history when people had to radically change their roles following a major political upheaval.
The novel's adaptation to the stage was developed and performed by three outstanding actors - Irm Hermann, Hermann Beyer and Thomas Neumann - all of whom have incorporated their own experiences into the production, having lived in both East and West Germany. The play examined personal ethics and moral courage in the face of political repression, as well as the possibilities of individually shaping the political change. As the main characters had traits that can apply to everyone, the performance revealed that history is capable of repeating itself even today. With the upcoming 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, young people who have only learned about the political upheaval from hearsay were able to see the production in several German cities.

Artistic director: Harriet Maria and Peter Meining
Participants / artists: Irm Hermann, Hermann Beyer, Thomas Neumann, Nikolaus Woernle, Martin Bochmann, Gabriele Nagel and others

Venues and schedule:
Premiere: 23.-25.10.2008 Mousonturm, Frankfurt am Main
Additional performances: 21/22 October 2008 and 5/6 December 2008 Societätstheater Dresden, 5-7 Febuary 2009 FFT Düsseldorf


Am Hausberg 3

01328 Dresden (external link, opens in a new window)