13th Young European Theatre Festival

Artistic directors: Franka Schwuchow, Thomas Pösl, Jens-Uwe Sprenel, Ralph Würfel
Artists: Bladder Circus Company (H), Djalma Primordial Science, Ágens (H), Theater des Lachens, Krepsko (CZ), T-Werk, The Actor-Director Theatrical Community (RUS), Theater Paradox and others
Venues: Potsdam: T-Werk, fabrik, Waschhaus, Hans-Otto-Theater, downtown
Schedule: 26 Oct. - 4 Nov. 2006

The UNIDRAM festival is a forum at which East and West European fringe theatre groups can meet and work together. The social upheavals in the eastern European countries are often accompanied by cultural impulses which, in the past, have led to exciting and new artistic perspectives. One of the goals of the festival is to enable western Europeans to view these perspectives. In addition to productions from Hungary - the main theme of the festival - groups from the Czech Republic, Serbia, Russia, Poland, Germany and Italy are also expected to attend. Rounds of discussions and workshops are aimed to encourage long-term, international co-productions and partnerships.


T-Werk e.V.

Schiffbauergasse 1

14467 Potsdam