What is your world to me?

A Doppelpass-funded project by the Staatsschauspiel Dresden and the Theater Aspik

Wildnis. Foto: Klaus Gigga

The “Bürgerbühne” of the Staatsschauspiel Dresden and the Theater Aspik have taken a two-year excursion into the country. Based on its experience with landscape theatre projects, which the Theater Aspik develops alongside its own productions in cooperation with the Heersum Forum for Art and Culture, this project brought theatre to an east Saxon village with the help of its residents. Each year, the project developped and produced a brand-new play, which was performed by actors of the Theater Aspik and the Staatsschauspiel Dresden together with amateurs from the region. The project’s first production, “THE CASE FROM OUTER SPACE”, was performed ten times between May and July 2013. In 2014, the organisers staged the theatrical obstacle course “WILDERNESS” along the border between Germany and the Czech Republic, which took the viewers to the inner boundaries of their imagination, memories and wishes.
The underlying aim of the performances was to promote cultural exchange between the city of Dresden and its outlying regions. Bus shuttles were arranged for audiences in Dresden to attend the village performances, while the Theater Aspik guest performed one of its own productions at the Staatsschauspiel Dresden each year. The project also featured a number of theatre-educational activities which tied in to the work on location. The Doppelpass cooperation concluded with a conference to discuss perspectives for a new grassroots theatre.


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