Yasmeen Godder Company „Shout Aloud“

Project description

In cooperation with the choreographer Yasmeen Godder from Jaffa, Israel and the pop singer Dikla Dori, the Schauspiel Frankfurt and the Künstler*innenhaus Mousonturm are jointly producing a performance that explores the intersection of a dance piece and a pop concert. “Live Aloud – New Creation” is being developed in collaboration with ten dancers and 14 musicians from Jaffa and Frankfurt with rehearsal phases in both cities.

The production is based on Dikla’s debut album of 2000 entitled “Ahava Musica” (Love Music), which will be adapted and expanded for performance by a live orchestra. Dikla’s texts tie her very personal experiences to universal themes like relationships and loneliness. Through her songs, she processes her conflicting feelings as a Jew of Arabic descent, living in a patriarchal and deeply polarised society. Her album is stylistically influenced by her Iraqi-Egyptian roots: classical Arabic instruments combine with rap, rock and synthesisers. Yasmeen Godder was strongly influenced by “Ahava Musica”. In her artistic endeavours, she addresses the militarisation of society and body images. Specifically, her work focuses on the body and how it is experienced. By means of impulsive, rash movements, she explores physical spaces of action under tense political and social conditions. In her rehearsal studio in Jaffa, she works with non-professionals including women of Palestinian and Jewish descent. Godder regards the focus on the somatic as an opportunity to engage in communication on an empathic level. “Live Aloud” aims to connect the audience and performers through a shared musical and physical experience and to surmount language and cultural barriers creatively.


Artistic direction & choreography: Yasmeen Godder
Vocals & composition: Dikla
Dramaturgy: Itzik Guili
Video: Yoav Brill
Costume design: Shahar Avnet
Dance: Inbal Aloni, Dor Frank, Nur Garabli, Tamar Kisch, Anat Vaadia

Performances: Bockenheimer Depot, Frankfurt am Main: 20 – 30 Jun. 2024


Schauspiel Frankfurt

Neue Mainzer Str. 17
60311 Frankfurt