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An installation-based performance by Dries Verhoeven

The Dutch set designer and director Dries Verhoeven came up with the idea for his project You Are Here after suddenly realizing that he didn’t know his next-door neighbour, although he lived only 80 centimetres away from her and was able to hear everything she did. For this project he reassembled his award-winning hotel installation, which was last shown at the Salzburg Festival, in an old Gasometer in Berlin. Together with performers from Berlin and Holland, Verhoeven developed a performance at the venue which highlighted the simultaneity of isolation and nearness. The viewers themselves participated in the spatial experience, as each received his/her own room in the 20 x 20 metre hotel. Verhoeven’s works are unique in that he makes no distinction between viewers and actors or the stage and auditorium. His projects search for new forms of theatricality, and though they do not mirror reality, they do address fundamental issues of the real world.

Artist: Dries Verhoeven (NL)

Venue and schedule:
Hebbel am Ufer, 23 May - 2 June 2011, Gasometer Schöneberg, Torgauer Str. 12 -15, 10829 Berlin


Hebbel am Ufer

Stresemannstraße 29

10963 Berlin (external link, opens in a new window)