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International Brecht festival

Brecht is regarded as one of Germany's greatest writers, many of whose works are included in the literary canon in German schools today. Yet being forced to read Brecht has actually "alienated" many young readers. This festival wants to offer young people new ways of finding a connection and gaining access to the writer's works and ideas. Brecht's prose was the focus of the festival in 2007. The participants took a critical look at the economy - an area which significantly influences our daily lives, yet plays only a marginal role in literature. In his story The Business Affairs of Mr. Julius Caesar for example, Brecht describes the "notorious talent of bankers to read people's souls." Internationally renowned writers staged readings of Brecht's texts which formed the basis of discussions with business and political representatives, futurologists and young people.Artistic director: Albert Ostermaier
Musical curator: Hans Platzgumer (A)
Curators for young literature/slam poetry: Spoken Word Poetry (Ko Bylanzky, Rayl Platzak)
Participants / artists: Juri Andruchovytch (UA), António Lobo Antunes (P), Thomas Brussig, Chumbawamba (GB), Thea Dorn, Bret Easton Ellis (USA), Jello Biafra (USA), Wladimir Kaminer (RUS/D), Jaromir Konecny (D/CZ), Eva Menasse, Amos Oz (IL), Orhan Pamuk (TR), Zadie Smith (GB), Die Sterne, Die Surfpoeten and othersVenues in Augsburg: Brechthaus, Filmpalast, Capitol Club, Neue Galerie im Höhmannhaus, Hof im Zeughaus, Hof im Schaezlerpalais
Schedule: 12 - 15 Jul. 2007


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