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Speaking of Hölderlin. International Hölderlin Days in Driburg

Hölderlin spent what were probably the happiest weeks of his life with Susette Gontard - the "Diotima" in his poetry - in Driburg in 1796. His stay in Driburg strongly influenced his poetry, and for this reason, this town was the venue for a large public poetry conference of renowned Hölderlin translators from several European countries and the United States. The conference addressed the challenges of new Hölderlin translations, the influence of his poetry on other languages and artistic genres, in particular music, which formed the basis of discussions and musical performances.

Artistic director: Brigitte Labs-Ehlert
Participants / artists: Aris Fioretos (SE), Christopher Middleton (GB), Philippe Jaccottet (FR), Luigi Reitani (IT), John Ashbery (US), David Constantine (GB), Fuad Rifka (LB), Rüdiger Safranski, Urs Widmer (CH), Wolfgang Rihm, Walter Steffens, Dževad Karahasan (BA), Petr Borkovec (CZ), Friederike Mayröcker (AT)

Venues and schedule:
Gräfliches Bad Driburg and surrounding region: 13 - 16 November 2008


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