Mobile Latin American poetry festival

Artistic directors: Rike Bolte, Timo Berger
Artists: Sergio Raimondi (RA), Fabian Casas (RA), Douglas Diegues (BR), Paula Ilabaca Núnez (RCH), Germán Carrasco (RCH), Rocía Cerón (MEX), Julián Herbert (MEX), Roxana Crisólogo (PE), Daniel Umpi (ROU), Aurora Arias (DOM), Ricardo Domeneck (BR), Nora Méndez (SV).

Venues and schedule:
Freie Universität, Berlin: 28 - 29 Oct. 2006
Instituto Cervantes Munich 31 Oct. 2006
Muffathalle München 31 Oct. 2006
Instituto Cervantes Berlin 2 - 3 Nov. 2006
Haus der Sprache und Literatur Bonn 7 Nov. 2006

Mobile literature - travelling in a minibus, ten Latin American writers will go on tour through Germany. The mobile Latinale festival will make stops in Berlin, Munich and Cologne, and present works by young writers from Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Chile. In addition to public readings, the goal of the festival is to encourage contacts with German writers who will meet and work together with their foreign guests in a seminar at the FU Berlin and a translating workshop at the Instituto Cervantes. The Lit-mobile will be quipped with a "poetry chest" in which the texts presented at the festival will be archived in written and spoken form.


Instituto Cervantes Berlin

Rosenstraße 18 – 19

10178 Berlin