The Educational Web

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With the exhibition project THE EDUCATIONAL WEB, the Kunstverein in Hamburg puts artistic practice in dialogue with the training of artists. For the exhibition, a total of eight art schools and programmes are invited, which see themselves as an alternative to traditional art academies. Today, they form a central part of the landscape of contemporary art. Within the framework of a four-month platform, critical perspectives on classical as well as innovative teaching models and pedagogical strategies will be opened up.

The project comprises various exhibition formats, including a curated group exhibition and solo exhibitions by current and former participants. In spaces specifically designed for discourse and exchange, visitors are invited to reflect on present and past conditions in art education and production.

The project takes up the ideas of the philosopher and theologian Ivan Illich, who coined the term "educational web" in his 1971 book "Deschooling Society", describing an undogmatic production of knowledge that is not institutionalised but relies on networks. Inspired by this educational approach, the Kunstverein wants to make such a transfer of knowledge tangible for a local and international audience. Artists, educators and theorists will discuss the current situation in artist training in the context of a symposium.

Artistic director: Milan Ther
Participants: Afterall ArtSchool, AGENCY, BPA// Berlin programme for artists, Chto Delat School of Emergencies, MASS Alexandria, Maumaus, RAW Material Company, SCCA-Tamale, among others.

1 Apr – 6 Aug 2023 Exhibition; 1 – 2 Jul 2023 Symposium at Kunstverein in Hamburg


Kunstverein in Hamburg

Klosterwall 23
20095 Hamburg (external link, opens in a new window)