Just Between Us? Sinti in East Friesland and Leer

Heimatmuseum Leer – financed through the City Companions fund

The Heimatmuseum Leer is cooperating with the Sinti Association of East Friesland in the project “Just Between Us? Sinti in East Friesland and Leer” which by way of dialogue tells the story of the Sinti in the region. The Sinti living in Leer will respond to the historical perspective on “their” history and collect and donate items for the exhibition. By investigating and documenting the history of the Sinti in East Friesland and Leer since 1945, the museum hopes to heighten awareness of a chapter of regional and state history which has received only little attention. It also wishes to encourage long-term exchange between the Sinti living in East Friesland and Leer with the majority society, and thereby promote a change in perspective. The exhibition is not about presenting a definitive account of history, but rather getting visitors actively involved through interactive elements and allowing them to become part of the discourse.

The plan is to integrate the results of the project into the museum’s permanent exhibition as it continues to develop, providing an important perspective on the local and city history. During the funding period, the organisers will also develop a touring exhibition with less focus on local circumstances so that it can be presented at other venues in north-western Germany. The Heimatmuseum sees the project as the prelude for intensive, long-term collaboration with the Sinti Association of East Friesland, aimed at developing joint events and projects on a regular basis.

Partner: Sinti-Verein Ostfriesland e.V. Leer

City Companions fund

With its City Companions fund, the Federal Cultural Foundation wishes to encourage city museums and local groups and participants to forge new partnerships and collaboratively address contemporary issues of urban society.

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  • 3 December, 2017 to 12 April, 2018: Exhibition opening

    Heimatmuseum, Leer


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Project manager

Boris Erchenbrecher