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The transmediale was established in 1988 as a festival of digital art and culture, and since then, has become a place where technology and digital culture respond to the concerns of civil society and international artistic and scientific perspectives. Over the years, the transmediale has gradually expanded its initial focus on video art to include the analysis of artistic, network-political and technological transformations in digital culture. The transmediale serves as one of the most important platforms nationwide for critically reflecting on cultural and technological transformations from a post-digital perspective. It invites young researchers, activists, game designers, programmers and artists to address the most pressing issues of our time, e.g. the dangers of surveillance, matters of equality, availability of technical resources, environmental impact of technologies and human-machine relationships. Thanks to its unique programming, the transmediale is firmly established in Berlin’s festival landscape, drawing some 25,000 visitors on average to every festival edition. In addition to its festival programme, the transmediale has increasingly focussed on long-term exhibition projects which, due to their extended runs beyond the main festival days, offer greater participation, presentation and educational opportunities. The festival journal, online publication platform and residency programme offered in cooperation with various partner organisations, serve to strengthen the international networking efforts of the transmediale as a form for art and theoretical discourse.


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