Magazine #23

Magazine #23, released in October 2014, features articles on current programmes and events funded by the Federal Cultural Foundation. 

In this issue of our Magazine, we present a number of projects which address the themes of nature and animals.

What we do know is that human beings are the ones who are shaping nature. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that our relationship to nature is being expressed in culture and art and is forging links to new areas. This causes Srećko Horvat to ask whether we should truly be surprised at the genocide of animals, “when human beings are still incapable of treating other humans humanely.” The legal expert Anne Peters points out that it wasn’t so long ago when we put non-Europeans on display in zoos.

For centuries, nature has been a source of inspiration almost like no other in the world of music. The instrumentalist Jeremias Schwarzer and concert designer Folkert Uhde discuss the naive belief that nature can be imitated through music.

The illustrations by Laetitia Gendre featured in this issue also offer a very unconventional angle to this theme: organic and natural forms are counterpoised by scientific representations, the micro- and macro-cosmos interweave with one another.


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