This issue of the magazine (published spring/summer 2019) focuses entirely on the only question we posed twelve personalities from the Arts and Humanities. It centers on the human body:

In the course of recent decades, the possibilities for adapting and enhancing the human body have grown considerably. Robotics and prosthetics, Artificial Intelligence and Neuro Enhancement are constantly extending the boundaries of the thinkable and practical. Fore some, the "technoself" has already become the new normal against which the "natural body" is perceived as antiquated. How are these developments impacting our visions of life in a society? Has the seemingly imperfect body turned into only a remnant of a past developmental stage, or could it exhibit new potential for a different experience of the "Us" that shapes our communities?

The answers are as diverse as the different positions and (artistic) directions our authors take when tackling the question of the body in their work.


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